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The goal of the Charleston Green Business Challenge is to improve the environmental performance and sustainability of our businesses. Save Money and Resource, Support Environmental Stewardship, and Get Recognized as a Sustainable Business Leader.

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The Charleston Green Committee is comprised of business, academic, nonprofit and government leaders who are advising the City of Charleston in the implementation of a local action plan for climate protection and sustainability. The committee is supported by scores of volunteers and the City’s Staff Green Team.

The CGC created the Plan for Climate Protection and Sustainability for the City of Charleston.

Bringing together stakeholders from throughout the community, the CGC crafted a plan that is forward thinking and targeted to the unique climate and circumstances of the Lowcountry. 

See the Link " Earth Day resolutions by City Council " below.

A message from the Chairman:

The Green Committee is studying best practices in our community, the country and around the world. We can all make a difference by implementing big ideas and small changes in the way we interact with our environment. Education is a necessity to insure success in all areas. We are learning all we can and together we can modify our culture and our society. It takes visionary leadership and persistence with the message until this new way of life becomes second nature to us all.

We can do it.

We invite you to join us.


  Green Plan
   Charleston Green Plan - PDF

  Plan Amendments PDF                                      Plan Amendments - Word                                      Executive Plan     
  Plan Amendments - PDF       Plan Amendments - Word       Executive Summary Version

» Earth Day resolutions by City Council

» US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

» City Council's Support for Funding the Energy Conservation Block Grant

» State CECAC Plan Presentation


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